Thank you for visiting my site. Let's begin with a basic introduction!

Who's the deer?

The deer is a persona for myself to use online. Having grown up in internet culture from a young age, I played lots of games and hung around on a lot of forums. Many of us had obscure personas—one of my earlier ones was a robot code writer who wrote other robots! It was a good way to maintain anonymity while still remaining identifiable to members of one's community. My deer, who shares a name with me, serves that purpose today.

What's your "Thing?"

My "Thing" is programming. I've been interested in it since my dad started letting me use his computer at age 10. By age 13, I was able to use Assembly to make small modifications to the Nintendo game Super Mario World. I was a member of an active forum of enthusiasts who did the same. I soon became interested in the workings of the forum as well: coded in PHP with a MySQL backend, it was the finest of table-based forums in the mid-2000s. The administrator was always on hand to help me with PHP questions, and even linked me to code bases for similar forums to help me practice.

Lately, my "Thing" has been more general programming. I've studied cryptography, proprietary APIs such as Twitter, and modern technologies for analyzing and acting on large data sets. I have found Ruby on Rails to be the best way to quickly form a web application, but I am still adept at Object-Oriented PHP. I also like to make desktop applications using Java, C#, and C++. My use depends on the purpose and needs of the project.

Do you want to see who unfollows you on Twitter? Would you like to be able to check the stats, at will, without worrying about compromising your account security by allowing some shady website filled with ads to post as you on your own account?

If you would like to take advantage of this service, contact me on telegram to let me know, and I'll share the link with you. It's currently still in development, so I'd appreciate having any bugs or issues pointed out to me.

Important to note is that anyone registered for this system can track the followers of any other account, so privacy is not guaranteed. I'm still working on this, but I plan to control it in such a way that each account will only be able to track its own unfollowers.

I will eventually include a link and usage instructions here when the project is ready for public release.

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